Organizing Your Paper

Ok! Now that you have your notes and citations, you're ready to move on to organizing your information.

Organizing Your Notes

Step 1: Looking at your notetaking sheets, decide which subtopic should be first in your paper. Start with that sheet.
Step 2: Put the number 1 in the bubble next to Subtopic in the Column A.
Step 3: Read through your notes. Put numbers in the bubbles next to the notes to show what order you'll put them in your paper. (EXAMPLE)
Step 4: Choose the next subtopic you'll use and put a 2 in the bubble next to Subtopic in Column A. Repeat Step 3.
Step 5: Take the final notetaking sheet and put a 3 in the bubble next to Suptopic in Column A. Repeat Step 3.

Organizing Your Paper

Step 1: Find the Research Paper Graphic Organizer in your Research Packet.
Step 2: Using your notetaking sheets, complete the graphic organizer.

Writing the Paper

For this project, you are only required to write the Introductory paragraph.

Creating the Bibliography

Using the Citation Sheet, create your bibliography using the model provided.

Congratulations! You're almost done. Click on Partner Sharing on the left.